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Beyond Betrayal Blueprint provides everything you need to get unstuck so you can face the future with hope and confidence.

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I was directed over and over again to scripture that made me see that I am responsible for my own actions. I have hope for the future and know my marriage can be fully healed.

Other programs didn't help.

I have struggled with forgiveness and have been told by close friends, family, my therapist, and a Celebrate Recovery group, that I need to forgive in order to heal. The problem has been that I have not understood how to forgive. It’s like I was just supposed to say it and it would happen, but the pain would never go away, or even subside. I felt so alone and feel that coming across your program has been a true act of God. 

Forgiveness at last!

In just one night, I learned more about forgiveness than I had in a lifetime. I finally “get it” because of you.  

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From Paralyzed To Empowered

Learn how to embrace God's power and be set free from paralyzing emotions so you can get off the emotional roller coaster and move forward after betrayal.

Put Your Past In Its Proper Place

Identify which kind of forgiveness is required for every type of betrayal and unresolved conflict and get out of the prison of the past.

Mindset That Motivates

Get the truths that show you how to face your future with hope by releasing the past, learning how to make decisions that honor God and build a fortress of safety for you. 

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The Transformed Marriage