Wouldn't it be great if you could predict why you keep fighting
so you could stop once and for all?

This FREE TRIGGERS TOOLKIT will help you identify the conflict triggers that sabotage your marriage.

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  • Learn how emotional triggers spark intense reactions that lead to conflicts
  • Discover the 3 conflict triggers that set you off and why it happens 
  • Identify the predictable patterns so you can stop the negative cycle

"We gained the invaluable tools needed to help us work together as a couple. These days my husband and I have been able to love each other in the midst of situations that used to totally defeat us."
-Brianna D.

Your FREE Triggers Toolkit Includes:

  • Quick-start Guide to identify how you and your spouse trigger each other during conflicts that make them worse and keep you stuck so problems never get resolved.
  • Printable Trigger Identification and Cycle worksheets to identify the reasons why you react the way you do and how it complicates the conflict.
  • Printable Trigger Tally worksheet to track which emotional reactions you experience during conflicts so you can focus on how to stop getting triggered.  

Learn the REAL cause of your unresolved conflicts so you can
stop getting triggered, diffuse arguments and 
create a peaceful mood in your marriage.

(Even if your spouse doesn’t change!)

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Discover the unique triggers that intensify conflicts
and sabotage your marriage.

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