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...wouldn't it be great if you had a biblical blueprint that shows exactly HOW to truly solve your conflicts?


What are you waiting for?

Your marriage needs this!

Normally $47


Your Marriage Will Be Transformed When You Learn:

  • How To Be In Control Instead of Being Controlled
  • How To Put Differences In Personalities To Work In Practical Matters
  • How To Change The Atmosphere Of Marriage Without Manipulation
  • How To Use Anger In Constructive Ways To Solve Problems
  • How To Communicate Effectively During Conflicts
  •  How To Appropriate God's Power To Change What You Can't
  •  How To Grow As Partners Instead Of Competitors

Here’s What You’ll Get

Instant access to the Partners & Peacemakers Guide that reveals God's blueprint for resolving your marriage conflicts. It's a biblical, hope-filled and practical guide to start you down the peacemaking path today. 

Plus, you'll get the BONUS workbook -- an invaluable tool to lead you through the relationship restoration process. You'll learn how to deal with those painful and powerful emotions in constructive ways.

Even if you are the only spouse who is willing to change, who wants a marriage that glorifies God, who wants to restore peace and harmony, the guide and workbook will help you take immediate action to achieve these goals.

Identify Why You Get Triggered

Each person is a unique individual with their own past experiences, emotions, strengths and weaknesses that affect the way they react during conflict.

Identify The Ways You React To Stress

It's not just the conflict that's stressful. Conflict creates painful emotions that take on a life of their own and complicate the conflict.

Understand the Predictable Patterns

There are three responses in the cycle of unresolved conflicts and recognizing how they keep you stuck is the first step to getting unstuck.

Restore The Relationship

Saying, "I'm sorry" isn't enough. Feeling bad doesn't change anything. God's blueprint for restoration includes steps that change hearts, motives and behaviors! 

Partners & Peacemakers

is for you if you answer YES to any of these questions!

  • Do you go from disagreeing about something to criticizing or insulting each other? 
  • Does each conflict make you feel like you're losing control of everything that's important to you?
  • Do you get anxious just thinking about a problem because you know talking about it will lead to a blow up? 
  • Do your conversations end with you feeling hurt, frustrated, tense, angry and resentful?
  • Do you ever feel like you're being forced to agree on something just so you can stop fighting about it?
  • Do you respond to conflict in destructive ways, like making demands or retreating into your own world?
  • Do you feel crushed by a sense of never being good enough for God to bless your marriage?

Your differences and disagreements don't have to divide you!

"We gained the valuable tools needed to help us work together as a couple. These days my husband and I have been able to love each other in the midst of situations that used to totally defeat us."

Brianna D.

As a Christian, you feel you should be able to make simple decisions with your spouse without starting World War III.

The Bible says be angry yet do not sin, but you and your spouse can't discuss your differences without one of you exploding in anger.

You've tried to learn all the communication styles, but one of you always resorts to criticism, threats or demands.

Your failed attempts to settle arguments leave you with nothing to show for your good intentions.

You want to recover the love you used to have but the list of hurts, disappointments and unmet expectations just keeps growing.

You pray, you accommodate and you compromise, but you still can't resolve problems and only grow farther apart.

You've tried everything in your power to move on, but you and your spouse are stuck in the same negative cycle.

Wouldn't it be great if you could predict why you keep fighting so you could stop once and for all?

If you could work through your differences and feel more united and intimate than ever before?

Get Partners & Peacemakers to get unstuck and resolve your conflicts peaceably!

SPECIAL OFFER! Buy now for $27 and save $20!

Partners & Peacemakers



Printable Workbook!

This workbook is comprehensive yet simple! It's a quick-start guide that includes step-by-step instructions to lead you through an unforgettable marriage transformation journey. As a biblical counselor, I took big truths and distilled them down to easy to understand and actionable strategies that can diffuse arguments and prevent misunderstandings. Clear and concise, these worksheets make it simple to target your biggest problems and create a biblical action plan to implement before, during and after every conflict.

Bonus 1
Trigger Tracker

These worksheets are the first and most critical in your transformation journey. You will identify the predictable patterns in which you and your spouse react and how they complicate everything. It's a year's worth of marriage counseling honed down to three streamlined pages for your shortcut to solutions. By answering six vital questions after each conflict, you'll expose the deeper level issue behind every disappointment and disagreement. Jesus said to focus on your heart, these x-ray questions will teach you how.

Bonus 2
Peace Plan

Part 1 of the Peace Plan equips you to walk through the 5-step process of reconciliation and has a checklist to keep you on track.  In Part 2 you will identify the wrong ways you react and learn God's way to react next time so you can diffuse the conflict before it gets out of control. And Part 3 will teach you how to identify and analyze differences to use them in proactive and beneficial ways that will unite you with your partner, instead of divide you. You'll discover how God designed differences as opportunities to cultivate deeper intimacy with your spouse. Don't skip any of it!

Bonus 3
Worship Journal

Peace in your marriage begins with peace in your soul. This journal includes a week's worth of worship prompts to get you preaching the gospel of grace to yourself every day. You need this as a constant reminder of all that God has done for you so you can appropriate His power to deal with your relationship difficulties. Plus you'll get praise prompts to set your mind on glorifying God and prayer prompts to get you praying scripture according to God's will. God can use the stress in your marriage as the springboard for spiritual growth in the Lord! He is worthy of worship! 

Nan Brick Circle

Hi, I'm Nannette

I Help Christian Wives Follow God's Blueprint For Marriage.

Although I was married I was not united with my husband.  I was trying to build my own little kingdom...while my husband separately built his.

We didn't truly understand partnership the way God planned it for marriage. We competed for control, but in drastically different ways. I was outspoken and demanding, while my husband sulked in silence and nursed his wounds with bitterness and resentment. Every disagreement ended with each of us feeling like a victim. 

After struggling for years and nearly divorcing, I finally learned how to apply the gospel to every situation and God used it in powerful ways to change me. Scripture diagnosed the motives of my heart and prescribed the perfect remedy for every problem I faced. As I changed, my marriage changed, and eventually my husband did too!

Now I teach others how to apply God's wisdom to their marriage problems so they too can walk in the peace, joy and freedom the gospel promises to all of God's children.

Partners & Peacemakers Will Transform Your Marriage

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is This For?

Partners & Peacemakers is for you if you are married and believe that scripture is inspired by God and able to provide the wisdom and strategies you need to navigate the difficult situations in marriage that cause conflicts. 

This is NOT for you if you are in an abusive relationship!

God doesn’t expect you to accept physical abuse of any kind and has ordained local government to protect you from that. You need to leave, go to a safe place, contact the police and report the abuse.

What's Included?

Partners & Peacemakers is a PDF document. It includes a quick-start guide that teaches biblical principles for resolving marriage conflicts. You'll learn why you and your spouse fight the way you do and how to identify the real problems so you can work towards solving them instead of recycling them into future arguments.  Includes 20 pages of printable worksheets designed to help you analyze your disagreements and differences and teach how to deal with them according to biblical principles and strategies. 

How Much Time Will It Take?

You could read the guide in about an hour but it's not meant to be read and set aside. You will have to take action - but that's easy because it includes a "Transformation Milestones" worksheet to help you get the most out this program by applying what you learn on an ongoing basis. There are 20 pages of worksheets that will guide you through analyzing each conflict, a reconciliation checklist to follow after conflicts, as well as worksheets for restoration. The restoration worksheets provide the practical tools you need to change how to deal with future conflicts in a way that honors God and your marriage partner! And the "Resolve" worksheets will have you taking proactive action to resolve differences before they turn into conflicts. Once you understand why and how God made you different than your spouse, you'll be able to put these differences to work in positive ways in your marriage, instead of using them as weapons against each other.

How Will I Access It?

All you need is a computer or mobile device and Internet service. Be sure to check your email for the receipt that includes your download links and instructions. If you do not get an email, check your spam folder. Contact info@thetransformedmarriage.com if you have any problems.

How Is This Different Than Other Programs?

Some programs focus on communication styles, personality assessments and behavior modification but they lack supernatural power to transform. Long-term change is produced by God's Spirit as you apply His Word to your life situations. Partners & Peacemakers provides biblical principles to address your problems, and provide you with real solutions. Solutions that work because God is the true source of genuine help for believers.

How Much Does It Cost?

For a limited time you can get Partners & Peacemakers for only $27. Is that a cost you can afford not to invest? What's your marriage worth to you? Arguing over the same problems without solving them doesn't just cost you time. Emotional instability is costly. Anxiety, anger and guilt are costly. Apathy and disconnecting from your spouse is costly. Marriage counseling is costly. Divorce is costly. Spiritual laziness is costly. Doubting God is costly. If you've ever wanted someone to show you how to find God's solutions for your daily problems, cultivate intimacy with your spouse and grow closer to God, then the Partners & Peacemakers Guide and Workbook is worth every penny.

  • Have you tried avoiding, ignoring or settling problems but nothing seems to work?
  • Your spouse is just too different than you and makes too many demands.
  • You might think that if you could just get your spouse to change, your marriage would be successful.
  • But resolving conflicts is impossible if your motives and methods are out of alignment with God's.
  • If you change the way you react to conflicts, you can reconcile your differences, reconnect as partners and grow closer than ever before. 

What are you waiting for?
Your marriage needs this!

 Normally $47 

The Transformed Marriage