Helping Christian Women Move Forward
After Betrayal

Shock. Panic. Anger. Worry. Loneliness. Depression.

You're facing big decisions. You're experiencing chaotic emotions. You're not alone.
If you're ready to move beyond betrayal, you're in the right place. 

Hope and Help For Healing

It's true--you have been victimized!
The question is not what happened to you, but how to keep it from controlling you.
Overcoming betrayal comes down to 3 critical steps for Christians:

Facing The Facts

You have to face reality if you want to get unstuck. God is waiting for you there!

Proper Response

You can use biblical principles to overcome the obstacles that hinder true healing.

New Opportunities

God will use your trials to
transform you in significant ways for His glory.

Understanding Betrayal

Betrayal causes traumatic stress that leads to a heavy sense of brokenness, fear, worry, anger, depression, confusion, shame, self-doubt, hyper-vigilance and isolation.

Overcoming Betrayal

It is possible to overcome deceit, convert emotions from problems into solutions and find God's will so you can get unstuck, make wise decisions and move forward.

CALM THE CHAOS WITHIN is an online course designed exclusively for
Christian wives struggling with crisis from intimate betrayal:

RELATIONAL CRISIS: damaged marriage relationship
IDENTITY CRISIS: rejection makes you doubt yourself
EMOTIONAL CRISIS: confused and paralyzed by anger, fear and anxiety
SPIRITUAL CRISIS: doubt God or fear He's punishing you

It Is Possible To Move Beyond Betrayal

I’m intimately aware of the pain of rejection, isolation, shame, anger, and loneliness caused by betrayal.

Discovering my husband's betrayal made me physically ill. Shock and panic thrust confusing thoughts into my mind and led to roller-coaster emotions that crippled me for weeks.

There were days I attempted to go on with life like the unfeeling stoics. But heartache always led me back to the reality of my broken marriage and the never-ending question, "Now what do I do?"

My search for advice left me disappointed. Worldly advice promised relief through forms of revenge or positive thinking. That kind of foolishness would only lead me astray and make things worse. 

There is true healing after betrayal. It's available to the humble, but only more heartache for those with motives of anger or ignorance.

I had been a Christian for only a few short years and this marriage betrayal ushered in my faith crisis. I struggled to trust God with all of my circumstances and was convinced his promises were for everyone but me.

I wavered from false guilt--thinking God was punishing me, to anger--thinking God didn't care for me.

I spent hours studying the Bible, looking for the magic bullet that would relieve my pain, but still felt helpless and as if my life was out of control.

I needed help, but couldn't afford counseling. But I finally found the next best thing, biblical counseling training.

That was the beginning of my journey to healing from betrayal.

I learned systematic theology, that is, the Bible's teachings about any given topic, starting with the character and purposes of God. He is a loving Father and if He allows wounds, it's so He may heal!

And secondly, with mankind, an invisible eternal soul housed in a physical body of flesh. The Bible explains who we are as human beings, what is wrong with us and the only solution to change us.

I learned my painful circumstances after betrayal were not my biggest problem. My perspective about them in light of who God is was my problem. The Bible defines reality, and the reality that God is in control over everything gave me freedom!

Freedom to embrace God's direction for my life instead me of trying play god and try to force life to submit to my expectations.

As I learned to apply all of God's Word to every thought, desire and decision, I began to heal from betrayal.

As I began to heal, my relationship with my husband changed too.

The Path Forward

God does not allow trials and tribulations in our life for nothing. He did not spare me from suffering from marriage betrayal. Instead, He used it.

What seemed like a faith crisis to me, was God's tool to change me!

The long season of working through the pain of betrayal was the most transformative time of my Christian life.

It can be for you too, if you are willing to embrace the truth, accept the biblical vision of reality that centers around God, and by God's grace and wisdom, deal with the pain in a way that glorifies Him.

The emotional turmoil that strikes after betrayal only grows worse if you deny it, minimize it, or try to numb it.

Accepting reality is the quickest route to healing. And frankly, it's your only hope!

Overcoming all the obstacles is not easy. But it is possible. It took me 15 years to get to where I am today and I'm still changing, and my marriage is still improving!

Yet the long and difficult process of growing in biblical knowledge and wisdom equipped me to gently lead others to seek a closer walk with Jesus Christ so they can gain a biblical understanding of suffering, grace and healing. 

I teach Christian wives just like you, gospel-centered principles to face every betrayal struggle they face.

If you want results and expect change, (and you should) you must face reality and learn biblical principles to deal with every single concern you have.

You MIGHT NOT be reconciled to your husband...

Your marriage MIGHT NOT survive...

But you can MOVE BEYOND BETRAYAL and have the peace, joy and contentment God promises to those who put their hope and trust in Him.

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