There's Only One Way To Overcome Your Marriage Problems

12-Step and Self-Improvement Programs Will Never Provide Lasting Change

"I grew up in a Christian church but it had zero effect on my life. I found porn as a young kid and it magnetized me with a power I couldn't resist.

Suddenly, porn seemed to be everywhere I looked but it wasn't until years after I was married when the Internet made it so easily accessible that my downward spiral began.

From then on, porn had a grip on me that I couldn't escape. It changed the way I viewed myself, my wife and our marriage."

"I was 23 years old, strong-willed and independent when I got married. Divorce was an option before I even said, "I do."

Fast forward 10 rocky years later to when the Lord called me out of the kingdom of darkness and started showing me a different perspective on marriage.

After a few years, I thought I had become everything a good Christian wife should be. But in reality, I was still trying to build my own little kingdom...while my husband separately built his."

Fortunately, God took our marriage more seriously than we did and taught us what it meant to have Him stake a claim on our lives.

The stakes were higher than we ever imagined!

God used a pornography addiction to get our attention and expose the true motives of our hearts that had been fooling us both for so long, just in different ways.

Through a series of long difficult trials, God transformed two selfish people into one united couple by getting us to focus on Christ instead of ourselves.

It was the WORST TIME EVER in our marriage, yet divorce was no longer an option.

The biggest crisis our marriage ever faced turned out to be the GREATEST BLESSING in the end.

We were forced to seek God's mercy and wisdom for solutions to problems we couldn't fix by ourselves.

For the first time in our lives, we truly began to understand the gospel we claimed to believe. The gospel is not just an offer for salvation. It is the person and work of Jesus Christ, who is the source of eternal life, as well as the model for living.

We came to understand that redemption through Jesus Christ had everything to do with our marriage!

With a higher view of the gospel, we gained a higher view of marriage and our motives changed. Identifying and aiming for the right target changed us both! And ultimately our marriage.

We rebuilt our marriage with Jesus as the focal point and now, 31 years later, we are amazed that He would use such broken vessels to promote His kingdom.

Now we look back on our past with gratitude. Our worst crisis became the springboard that transformed our marriage into something beyond anything we ever thought possible!

We believe God can transform your marriage too!

Want help to identify and overcome the temptations and conflicts that threaten to destroy your Christian marriage?