how to conquer sexual sin, heal their marriage
and cultivate genuine intimacy

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It's time to stop struggling with with pornography and escape its bondage once and for all! Biblical instruction and encouragement to help you overcome the emotional, physical and spiritual battles so you can quit porn and live in purity! Our FREE CRISIS GUIDE: How To Break Free From Pornography...Before It's Too Late explains the REAL reasons why you turn to porn and what to do change your motives, as well as your behavior. 


The deep sense of betrayal makes you feel unsafe and insecure. The roller coaster of emotions and unwanted thoughts cause you to doubt your sanity and paralyze you with helplessness.  Our FREE CRISIS GUIDE: How To Survive Your Husband's Pornography Addiction...Without Losing Your Mind is designed exclusively for Christian wives suffering betrayal trauma so you can move beyond confusion without making tragic mistakes you might later regret.


One-on-one mentoring provides personalized guidance for Christian couples to create a focused, gospel-centered and results-oriented plan that will transform your marriage and provide lasting change. Once you've overcome the crisis stage, it's time to apply biblical principles to rebuild your marriage on a solid foundation so you can experience true intimacy and have a marriage that glorifies God. Let us help you create a customized blueprint to get your through the crisis stage, then move to restoration quickly...PLUS give you all the tools you need for success.

Pornography: The Crisis The Church Is Not Talking About

Married Men Use Porn
Married Women Use Porn
Churches With A Program to Help Marriages Poisoned by Porn

Pornography use by Christians is a growing epidemic affecting people from all walks of life...not only in the pews, but also the pulpit.

Although some churches have programs for just about everything else,
they are failing to meet the critical needs of people caught in the trap of pornography, as well as their family members.

Our goal is to fill the gap by providing biblical discipleship in a safe, non-judgmental environment to help believers

overcome the shame and stigma that scares them into the shadows to suffer in silence.

We shine the light of the gospel into their lives and and teach them

how to walk in truth, freedom and purity.


Paul and Nannette

Thirty years of pornography...

Until the secret sin was exposed abruptly and publicly!

It seemed impossible to move beyond this mammoth problem that fractured our marriage. 

But then one day we discovered the real reason people use porn, and that breakthrough led to healing.

We learned that pornography use was only a symptom of a deeper problem, which meant quitting porn was required, but not the ultimate goal. 

The objective was far more significant, more consequential, and more enduring.

And if accomplished, the outcome would be far more rewarding.

The stakes were higher than we ever imagined!

Identifying and aiming for the right target changed us both! 

And ultimately, our marriage.

Now we look back on that day of discovery with gratitude. It was the springboard that transformed our marriage into something beyond anything we ever thought possible!

What Others Say


 “I could not have come this far without your program.  It wasn’t long ago that I would think about what he had done and feel physically sick to my stomach.  I’m beginning to put this behind me and allow myself to open up to him again. I promise you, I could not have done this without your help.  I can’t thank you enough for the program you have developed. God Bless you and thank you for caring!”


"Finally Moving Forward"


“Nannette helped me understand that I needed to fight for my marriage by taking a stand and praying and taking action. This program has helped me through the most painful time in my life. It helps to know that others have gone before me and found understanding to pass on. Thank you for sharing your life to make ours better. God bless you.”

"Pushed Me To Action"


“I love that Nannette has created a safe atmosphere where she is there for you – to help you walk through this tough time. That is just priceless, to have someone who is investing in lives!  I’m so excited to see what God is going to do in the midst of all of the families that will be touched by this ministry.”

"Safe Atmosphere"

 ”I had been desperately searching for someone to help me deal with my pain and point me to the Lord which is where I needed to go. But I needed a real person who had been where I’d been to walk me through this very difficult time.
Nannette did that. I was directed over and over again to scripture that made me see that I am responsible for my own actions. I have hope for the future and know my marriage can be fully healed.”



“I have been struggling with forgiveness and have been told by close friends, family, my therapist, and a Celebrate Recovery group, that I need to forgive in order to heal. The problem has been that I have not understood how to forgive. It’s like I was just supposed to say it and it would happen, but the pain would never go away, or even subside. I’ve felt so alone and feel that coming across your program has been a true act of God.”

"Other Programs Didn't Help"

“In regards to self esteem, I have never felt worse about myself. I have been severely depressed for months now and no one understands why I can’t just “get over it.” I was at my lowest point earlier this week and had strong thoughts of suicide. I had nothing else to lose when I enrolled in your program. In just one night, I have learned more about forgiveness than I have in a lifetime. I finally “get it” because of the lesson in Module 1. 

"Forgiveness At Last"


FREE Guide Reveals 3 Critical First Steps

  • Learn how to prevent pornography addiction from becoming a personal and relational crisis.

  • Discover the REAL root cause of porn addiction (Hint: it's not sexual gratification)

  • Reveals your support options and how the process of recovery works before it's too late.