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For Your Marriage

We help Christians quit porn, restore their marriage and cultivate genuine intimacy.

you are not alone

Pornography use by Christians is a growing epidemic affecting people from all walks of life.
Unfortunately, many churches are failing to minister to this unique need.
We can help!

Married Men Use Porn
Married Women Use Porn
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why LISTEN TO us?

We’ve been where you are and we learned that pornography was only a symptom of a much deeper problem. Identifying and aiming for the right target changed us both and healed our marriage.
Now we want to help you discover how following God’s “Blueprint for Marriage” can transform your life.

Overcome Porn Addiction

Life dominating habits can be broken. It's time to stop struggling with pornography and escape its bondage once and for all! With God's help, you can overcome the emotional, physical and spiritual battles so you can quit porn, live in freedom and enjoy pure passion in your marriage! 

Help For Betrayed Spouse

When the deep sense of betrayal makes you feel unsafe, it creates a roller coaster of emotions and unwanted thoughts that can cause you to doubt your sanity and paralyze you with helplessness.  But you can move beyond confusion and avoid tragic mistakes.

Rebuild The Relationship

You need a gospel-centered, results-oriented plan that will transform your marriage and provide lasting change. It's time to rebuild your marriage on a solid foundation so you can experience true intimacy and have a marriage that glorifies God. 

what we do

We share God's Word and our experience to support and strengthen you.

Over 15 years ago our life was changed abruptly when the secret about a pornography addiction was revealed.

From that day forward, everything in our life started to fall apart.

Our relationship was built on deception and we were forced to dig out the old foundation in order to rebuild our marriage on the truth.

After many painful failures with short-sighted goals, we eventually learned that only God can supply the wisdom and power necessary for restoring a broken relationship.

Secular programs offer Band-Aid outcomes that go against the true solutions God provides in His Word.

Humanistic, behavior modification systems are a threat to authentic healing.

Scripture alone can properly diagnose and treat life's problems with authority and accuracy. The Bible speaks to every problem in every person.

It provides a factual perspective on life defining what is wrong with us, what should be right with us and how to change.

our approach

Discover how following "God's Blueprint for Marriage" can transform your life.

We provide biblical discipleship in a safe, non-judgmental environment to help you and your family members overcome the shame and stigma of sexual sin.

We shine the light of the gospel into your marriage and help you follow biblical principles that lead to walking in freedom, purity and unity.

what others say

I have struggled with forgiveness and have been told by close friends, family, my therapist, and a Celebrate Recovery group, that I need to forgive in order to heal. The problem has been that I have not understood how to forgive. It’s like I was just supposed to say it and it would happen, but the pain would never go away, or even subside. I felt so alone and feel that coming across your program has been a true act of God.


Other programs didn't help

I had been desperately searching for someone to help me deal with my pain and point me to the Lord - which is where I needed to go. But I needed a real person who had been where I’d been to walk me through this very difficult time. Nannette did that. I was directed over and over again to scripture that made me see that I am responsible for my own actions. I have hope for the future and know my marriage can be fully healed.



In regards to self-esteem, I had never felt worse about myself. I was severely depressed for months and no one understood why I couldn't just “get over it.” I was at my lowest point and had strong thoughts of suicide when I realized I had nothing else to lose so I enrolled in your program. In just one night, I learned more about forgiveness than I had in a lifetime. I finally “get it” because of you. 


forgiveness at last